“The Sommelier’s Corner”

Abades Triana. “The River and Wine”

Abades Triana is the meeting point for wine culture. Production and bottling that dates back to the Roman Empire. Sweet broths that produced the strains of the Aljarafe, which were then bottled by the Triana potters or by the coopers of the Arenal, on the other side of the river.

The Tower of Gold served as a watchtower for this trade. A port that brought us fame but also allowed us to taste the excellences of the farthest lands.

The renewed wine list of Abades Triana honors this tradition and becomes that bond of union once again. A river full of life that brings you an exclusive selection of wines from around the world; not forgetting ours, the nearest ones.

We invite you to get to know them, and what better place for your tasting than right where you are. A river that knows, since ancient times, a lot about wine, potters and coopers.



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